Industry Trends in December

1. Is TikTok now more successful than Instagram?

The Chinese app TikTok already has one billion users worldwide. It is one of the best known and most used apps, like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But what is the secret of the app that puts users in such a good mood?

2.How to use hashtags correctly?

That the use of hashtags is worthwhile is clear. You can use them to increase your reach on social networks, but what do I need to keep in mind? For those who are not yet clear on how and why to use hashtags particularly effectively, the infographic from Social Media Today shows.

3. TikTok focuses on “Diversity and Inclusion”

TikTok global has already launched several projects on the topic of “Diversity and Inclusion”. Now they are creating a new position in this area. The American musician Shavone Charles is the new Head of “Diversity and Inclusion Communications” and will implement the campaigns and initiatives for TikTok with immediate effect.

4. Facebook and Instagram increase advertising revenue by 43%

Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, we have been conducting communications and transactions online even more frequently. The technology company Meta and the associated Facebook and Instagram, have been able to almost double their advertising revenue in Q3 2021.

5. Online shopping mostly takes place via smartphone

In der Schweiz beträgt die durchschnittliche tägliche Internetnutzung 5.5 Stunden pro Tag. In Deutschland ist das Smartphone seit Beginn der Pandemie zum meist genutzten Gerät für Online-Shopping geworden.Die Käufe im Netz über das Mobiltelefon sind um 16% im Vergleich zum Vorjahr gestiegen, zeigt die Studie des Digitalverbands Bitkom. 

Cover Credits: Aiony Haust & Gian D.