Social Media Trends in February

1. E-commerce in 2022

In their Consumer Sentiment Index, the experts from advertising service provider Criteo show that, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, people are happy to spend money on purchases. In their study, they point out that shoppers who buy both online and in stores store significantly more than purely online shoppers or stationary shoppers. What this means for e-commerce and what other trends can be identified, you can read in the following article.

2. Why is the Creator Economy booming?

Being an influencer has become a full-time job. The Creator Economy consists of over 50 million content creators, curators, social media influencers, bloggers, photographers and videographers. 2.3 million of them do this job full-time and most of them belong to Generation Z. As the influencer marketing market continues to grow, it’s important for brands to stay in the loop to stay in the loop.

3. The current NFT trends

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs for short) are being heavily hyped and are on everyone’s lips. Many tech founders think that Web 3.0 will be the future, as the growth rate is growing exponentially. In a recent article by technology platform Tech-Crunch, it explains how blockchain-based products will no longer be in Web 2.0, but in Web 3.0. It also describes the five NFT trends that should be on our radar in the future.

4. 88% of SMEs rely fully on online advertising

A recent study by crossvertise GmbH shows that 88% of SMEs in Germany release their budget for online advertising. 141 small and medium-sized enterprises participated in this survey. The study shows that social media is considered the number 1 channel. Companies are investing more and more in advertising on these platforms and plan to continue increasing their budget every year.

5. Paid Instagram subscriptions

The test phase has already started in the U.S. Instagram is testing the use of paid subscriptions to see if it would be worthwhile to introduce such a model. Influencers can choose one of eight pricing models during this test phase. The price range is between 0.99 US dollars and 99.00 US dollars per month. In the future, not only the participating influencers but also Instagram would earn from these subscription models.