Industry Trends in March

What can we expect on social media in March 2022? We will inform you here about the latest trends and summarize the latest social media and industry trends for you in this article.

1. Social media becomes the new center of the shopping experience

In 2020, the shopping experience was dramatically transformed by Covid-19. With many stores closing, retailers had few options. For consumers, online shopping was the only option. At the same time, social media use was on the rise. A new study by shows how 4.62 billion people currently use social media on a daily basis.

2. The latest social media records

The new Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, published in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite, shows that the majority of the connected world continues to grow faster than before the pandemic. The most important digital trends and new records in social media usage are shown in this report.

3. Youtube Updates 2022

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, provides insight into the new products, tools and features available to creator, user and partner this year. YouTube has created new opportunities for creators to make more money and has begun a new partnership with creators to enable them to do what they do best.

4. One hour per day on the Metaverse

A recent study from market research firm Gartner Inc. shows that 25% of people will spend at least an hour a day in the Metaverse by 2026. We will spend our time there working, shopping, educating ourselves, socializing and/or entertaining ourselves.

5. How the metaverse fuels the creator economy

The Creator Economy consists of independent creators who create digital content and build their own businesses. They earn their living by creating images, videos, blog posts, and digital goods such as e-books and webinars, which they distribute online. The Metaverse is becoming a platform not only for meeting and interacting, but also for selling and trading goods, services, entertainment and experiences. Here, brands and creators can collaborate to capitalize on this opportunity.

Picsture-Credits: Justin Peralta & Alexis Antoine

Breakthrough with social media

More and more companies are investing in an online presence. While Tiktok leads to empty shelves, successful Youtubers reach out to their communities with content to share.

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