Social Media Trends in October

What are the social media trends in October 2022? As always, we will inform you here about the latest trends for the coming month and summarize the latest developments in social media for you in this article.

1. How corporate influencers can strengthen a company

Corporate influencers can be of great importance to companies because they help put a face to the brand and build a relationship with the brand audience, both on social media and in the real world. The latest study by a German communications consultancy confirms this impression.

The true strength of a corporate influencer lies in how they can connect with other professionals and colleagues. They represent the company and can successfully drive the brand forward as inspiring ambassadors.

Ultimately, using corporate influencer:ins helps companies build a relationship with their audience, not only in the physical world, but also on social media.



2. Tiktok live streams for customer acquisition

Live videos on TikTok are a way to connect and interact with the audience in real time. From 1,000 followers:inside, the possibility of live videos is automatically unlocked. But before going live, you should take some time to plan what goal you want to achieve with such a livestream.

So the first step in planning a live video is to define your goal. This can be, for example, to increase traffic to other social media accounts or to sell a product.

The German platform for online marketers OMR shows examples of how companies attract customers with TikTok livestreams and asked some of them about their experiences.



3. Factors for the reach of videos

Video content is being pushed more and more on Instagram. But how can creators ensure that their content has the widest possible reach?

The marketing platform shows that reels now account for more than 20 percent of usage time on Instagram. In a recent blog post, Meta now offers insights into how the algorithm works and explains which factors determine how, when and where videos appear on Facebook. In addition to best practices for the four most important characteristics of successful videos, the platform also explains how creators can monetize their videos more effectively and measure their performance.

The results of the study show that originality, loyalty and interaction are the decisive factors for the reach of videos. Users spend much more time with videos that are original, authentic and stimulate interaction.




4. Owned Media und Influencer Marketing steigern die Markenbekanntheit

In its latest study, consulting firm Publicis Sapient, together with Launchmetrics, is dedicated to marketing success measurement in the fashion, luxury and beauty industry. The report, The State of Measurement in Fashion, Luxury & Beauty 2022, is designed to help decision-makers better understand marketing impact and identify the metrics, tools and KPIs brands should use to measure the effectiveness of their data strategies. More than 1,000 marketing, communications and PR professionals from the fashion, luxury and beauty industries worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Australia and China, were surveyed.

According to the survey, owned media (39%) is the most efficient way for brands to increase awareness. This is followed by the use of influencers (22%). It is no longer enough to view social media as just a channel to increase brand awareness and engagement. To stay competitive, brands need to grasp the impact of their social media strategy on business goals and revenue.



5. TikTok copies the popular BeReal app

TikTok is one of the most popular apps, but it has recognized the need to fight for new users and retain existing ones. Unfortunately, instead of developing something new, the company decided to steal another company’s idea and use it in its own app.

The company announced last Thursday that it will experiment with a new feature called TikTok Now in the coming weeks, accessible through the app in the U.S. and through a separate app in other regions. Just like the photo app BeReal, TikTok Now will prompt users to take photos with the front and rear cameras. Users are prompted daily to take a photo or 10-second video and share authentic situations with friends and family.




Picture-Credits: Juri Gianfrancesco & Vickholius Nugroho

Social Media Meets Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence

How adjusting your speaking style increases the success of social media posts

Minimal adjustments in the language style of influencers can have significant effects on the performance of social media postings. A recent study by the influencer marketing experts at Picstars with researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich shows the potential of conversational style matching.


On social media, credible influencers achieve above-average results by addressing their communities. They share their creative content, entertain their followers and even motivate them to make purchasing decisions. This interactive form of advertising is effective and is therefore increasingly in demand.

Authentic Influencer-Marketing

The core of successful influencer marketing is the authentic communication of shared content. This is made possible, on the one hand, by the precise selection of influencers and advertising partnerships and, on the other hand, by the individual language and visual signature of the influencers. In addition, a similarity between the influencers and their followers creates an understandable, credible and target group-oriented communication (Kunath & Hofstetter, 2018).

The effect of influencer posts

Social media users who follow influencers on various platforms identify with them and the content they share. They respond to them with comments, likes or shares. The challenge for advertisers is to keep this engagement high, even if the content posted by influencers is based on a commercial benefit. This is confirmed by the research conducted: Commercial content achieves up to 20 percent less engagement.

The Conversational Style Matching Phenomenon

Eloqify, the conversational intelligence company started by researchers at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, and Picstars, Switzerland’s influencer marketing agency, have for the first time studied over 600 commercial and non-commercial Instagram posts by 30 influencers and analyzed their language. The results show that in commercial posts, the language style of the influencers often deviated from the usual style.

At the same time, it was found that even minimal corrections to the communication style in captions of social media postings can help people communicate more habitually and thus more authentically. This finding has a lot to do with social psychology: similar to mirroring body language, people imitate linguistic subtleties of others when they get along well with them. This approximation of the other person’s linguistic style occurs at the level of words such as adverbs or personal pronouns, which have no influence on the content of the communication, but have a significant impact on how a statement is received. Targeted conversational style matching, i.e. computer-assisted optimization of the communication style, which matches the language of the influencers with the language of their communities, can therefore decisively improve the impact of posts. According to the study, the engagement losses caused by promotional content can be made up for with the help of conversational style matching.

Recommendations for advertisers

Influencer marketing is effective and has become an indispensable part of modern marketing communication. In Switzerland, 4.7 million people are now social media users. Almost 2 million people in the Swiss population follow influencers (IGEM Digimonitor, 2022). The large reach and the identification potential are the recipe for success of this form of advertising.

Do you also want to reach a younger, digitally affine target group, build an emotional brand connection or increase the awareness of your brand? Benefit from a professional and authentic influencer marketing campaign that is optimized through “conversational style matching”.

Eloqify is all about conversational intelligence – how you should communicate what you want to communicate. The Zurich-based startup’s data-driven and science-based matching technology identifies the language style of its customers to help them strike the right tone in every customer approach.