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The importance of influencer marketing in the marketing mix

Influencer marketing is now an integral part of effective content strategies and has long since moved away from its initial niche positioning. According to the marketing trade journal Horizont, influencer marketing agencies are increasingly coming to the fore, especially with regard to long-term collaborations and holistic social media campaigns. Michael Murrins, Director Product International Media at market research firm Nielsen, tells Werben & Verkaufen magazine on this topic, “Influencer marketing has become an important building block within the marketing mix in recent years, and in many cases has become a measurable revenue catalyst.”

This was not always the case. Influencer marketing has seen massive professionalization and increasing popularization in recent years. The agencies in their executive position at the interface between creators and clients have evolved accordingly and have been commissioned with ever larger, higher budgeted and more complex campaigns. The increasing experience and the close connection to influencers allows service providers today to advise clients even more directly and strategically than was previously the case.

This industry development in recent years has been driven and facilitated, among other things, by the increasing use of smartphones and social media platforms such as Tiktok or Instagram, by the gradual disclosure of related key performance indicators and the application of related tools for harnessing marketing data, and by an increased awareness of the discipline of “influencer marketing. How effective influencer campaigns are can be measured and analyzed today.


Future potential for e-commerce

Working with influencers is lucrative. They are experts in their industry and create related content that is both professional and creative. They tell their stories in a goal-oriented way and in real time. At the same time, they always keep an eye on their target group.


Cover Credits: Mateus Campos Felipe


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