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This is our first „PICSTARS STELLT SICH VOR“ in English. Today we are introducing our Senior Developer Lilla Laura Mészàros. Laura lives and works in Debrecen, Hungary and is helping us to develop our web platform.


«My name is Mészáros Lilla Laura and I am working as a web-developer since 2010. At Global Experts I started working for PICSTARS in 2016 and I am fully allocated to this project since last year. I love working on this project because of two reasons: I adore the team and I admire the idea of the product. »


An interview with Lilla Laura Mészàros, Senior Developer at PICSTARS

What can you do well?

I can organize things well and I can keep my promises.

A quirk of you?

I love travelling, I am maximalist, family oriented and sometimes childish (in a positive way 😉).

Where do you get new inspiration?

New inspirations are coming from positive and successful people.

Your favourite athlete?

My favourite athlete is Hosszú Katinka, a very talented Hungarian swimmer.

Your favourite Hashtag and why?

#IloveMyLife – because I really do. I appreciate every moment which makes me happy and the kind people who are surrounding me.

Your best idea / invention?

I have many inventions (I truly do), but all are already put in place, which is very annoying. This is the 21st century. An invention which was put in place the first time by me, before phpMyAdmin did, was the mySql Query saver. I have included this functionality in my master’s degree project and it was about saving used queries, to be easily reused later, which sometimes is a big help for the programmers.

On a coffee with:

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I need my husband, sometimes my mother, sometimes a good college to talk about best practices in programming, sharing good ideas.